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My First Kickboxing Class- Pink Gloves and Baby Unicorns

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

This MMA studio (uh do we call it a studio?) opened up right next door to my kids' dance studio. I signed up for a kickboxing class on a whim because you know... I don't really have an excuse if it's RIGHT. THERE. Me... glitter girl... I am going to punch things! I'm taking my first class today and here are the random thoughts going through my head.

This article is ©2017 Heather Anne at Heather Anne Art and Soul. All rights reserved. See my copyright notice here.

What is the appropriate shade of lipstick to wear for punching things? I chose purple because my signature pink just seemed a bit too, you know... silly?

Purple Jefree Star Lipstick

Those gloves are ENORMOUS! Bigger than my arm! But that's what I was told to buy so there they are. Will I ever get over feeling like a clown princess in those? Probably not.

PInk Cupcake Princess Shiny Boxing Gloves

Thank sweet baby Jesus he had pink fluffy cupcake shiny ones, because seriously... have you seen the gloves? When he pulled out the bin for me to see what he had, I was like "Give me the pink ones!" (a little too enthusiastically.)

He said he was going to wrap my hands for me. Will there be some skin softening seaweed extract first so I can multi task?

Hoop earrings would look way cuter with this pony tail, but yeah, probably not a good idea.

There is no way I am taking giant boxing gloves (you saw them right?) to the studio (studio?) in a Disney backpack. Where the heck is my plain duffle bag? I know I have one... somewhere in the house. I love Disney, but you know... punching stuff now.

What if I find out I LIKE punching things? A LOT?

I get to kick things, too. What if I like kicking things... A LOT?

So glad I did not sign up for the Brazilian jiu jitsu class (did I spell that right?) because I am 100% certain I am not ready for being slammed on a mat... but what if I slam someone else on the mat and I like it... A LOT?

Wish me luck. I signed the contract. In pink glittery unicorn blood. If I quit, a baby unicorn will never get its horn so IT IS ON people!

This article is ©2017 Heather Anne at Heather Anne Art and Soul. All rights reserved. See my copyright notice here.

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