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Meet Heather Anne


We all need healing and we all have an artist within us. Art, literature, stories, and creative expression are where the magic lives! My goal is to help others find joy even when they are walking through darkness, and to come out of the darkness thriving and being more YOU than you ever thought possible.

I'm right on this journey with you and I have, at times, had to slay the Jabberwocky in my life's challenges. 

Anything creative and I am IN. Sports... not so much. I leave the sportsing to the rest of you and I stick to what I'm good at... making stuff and sharing thoughts. We all have an inner fire of creativity and it doesn't always look like a painting or sculpture. I hope that my work helps you find your unique gifts to create in only the way you can create. I also just hope that it makes people happy, even if just for a moment. 

I had an artist mentor and friend tell me, "Heather, as an artist you have to do a thing. You need to be known for that one thing that you do like making signs or painting flowers. Every artist has a thing."


I adore his advice, but it's just not me. I cannot do it. No really... I literally can't! No matter how hard I try to settle on a thing and be that artist that makes those miniature whatsits or that writer that writes about that, I can't because... ideas and sparks and streams of consciousness! 


So...I make stuff and I write stuff and it doesn't all match. I'm not matchy matchy.  I'm the type of person that sees a well curated page on Etsy and I appreciate the beauty of it... I really do... but I also feel like tiny bits of my soul got sucked out with a tiny straw when I try to do that with my own stuff. Maybe you feel that way, too?

Obnoxious credentials time: I've been an educator a combined total of twenty-five years. I taught in the public school classroom for twelve years and I worked on the process of adopting new curriculum for my school district. I have an M.A. in  Curriculum and Instruction and I'm a curriculum specialist. I've been homeschooling my own kids for twelve years at this writing in 2020 and I have taught classes to homeschoolers as well. I have experience in a public charter school as a teacher consultant. 


In another life, before Teacher became my title I was in the theater. I danced. I sang. I acted. I learned set painting and stage managing. It was glorious! But I really wanted health insurance and to pay my rent on time... every month... so Teacher became my title and it has also been glorious... maddening at times but glorious!

I am a geeky, love cosplay, Disney, Star Wars (all of them... don't judge me), Star Trek, Doctor Who, Marvel (only a select few D.C. sorry!), dragons, Harry Potter, fairies, vampires (I loved Twilight... don't judge me for that either!), Game of Thrones (but not season 8), Lord of the Rings, second breakfast and elevensies kind of girl. Fandoms are where I find my people and my people find me. 

I hope my making stuff and writing stuff helps you and makes you smile. You can slay the Jabberwocky. If you don't know what that is, I'm a teacher so I'm giving you your first assignment. Look it up and read the literature! 

Blessings and magical dust of fairies to you,

Heather Anne

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