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In addition to blogging, I also love vlogging! Isn't vlog a funny word? If I say it out loud, it always sounds just like blog, so I have to over-enunciate which just sounds ridiculous. Cool kids say vlog, so vlog it is.


What's my YouTube channel about? I'm so glad you asked!

I'm a huge Disney fan and I go to Disneyland a lot. I go there so much, that non-Disney people think I've lost my mind. Disney people understand me, though. I create videos of new happenings at Disneyland whenever I can. Look below for my video from opening day of Galaxy's Edge (also affectionately known as Star Wars Land to some, although you can also call it Batuu). I cried and had a geek moment when I saw the life size Millenium Falcon in person for the first time! Click here if you don't feel like scrolling down for it. 

I also vlog about life, sorta like what I do on my blog. I make stuff. I write stuff and I also talk about stuff. I put my video about forgiveness below for you too, but you can click here if you want a quick link. 

I hope my vlogs make you smile, feel the magic, feel like a kid again, have epiphanies and think about stuff! 

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