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Copyright Information for Heather Anne Art and Soul

This website and all articles are ©2016- 2020 Heather Anne at Heather Anne Art and Soul. All rights reserved. 


COPYRIGHT Do's and Dont's from Miss Heather Anne's Class:

Violating copyright is not magical at all and it makes me want to use frowny face emojis. Sometimes, people might violate copyright and not even realize they did it. So... here are the rules. Please be magical and follow them so I can use happy face emojis! 

This website is the property of Heather Anne at Heather Anne Art and Soul.

PLEASE share the LINKS to articles or pages Every share supports this site! Sharing is awesome!

DO add the link to articles when you quote me. Links support the sites you like and helps the authors a lot. 

DO put quotes in quotation marks and attribute it to Heather Anne. Every link helps! Support the site by LINKING directly to the article you are quoting. 

DO NOT quote large amounts of text from any author or blogger's written work. A few sentences is great and always credit the author. 

DO NOT copy and paste my content into your own website, social media or other correspondence, even if it's your own personal social media. I wrote it and when you copy and paste it onto your Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc. you are taking my writing and claiming it as your own. Yes I will contact you and ask you to remove it. I'm busy writing more articles. Don't make me do that please.

NEVER copy an entire article and post it anywhere, even on your own social media or in a personal email. A mom copied one of my articles, the whole article, to her Facebook without putting the link or my name anywhere. She went viral and got 34,000 shares before I reported her to Facebook and they removed it. That copy and paste caused me tremendous amounts of headaches and wasted time. DAYS of wasted time cleaning up that mess. My baby, my article went viral all alone and it was crying without its mommy. When authors write stuff, those pieces of writing are our babies. They come from our hearts, our blood, sweat and tears...okay maybe there's not usually blood, but there are sometimes tears. To have our babies taken from us hurts. My heart started pounding and I got that sick, heavy feeling in the pit of my stomach when I saw that someone had taken my work, removed my name and all identifying information and  went viral with it, with lots of comments thanking her for such a great piece...that she did not write. When people found out what she had done, it did not go well, either. People don't like to feel betrayed, even by a Facebook post. It's also against the law to violate copyright and steal someone's work and it IS stealing. No good comes of that. None. 

DO NOT "REBLOG" my articles on your own website by copying and pasting the article, or even large parts of it, to a page on your website, even if you add my name and credit it. Reblogging of my articles is forbidden.  Feel free to LINK to my articles on your website and write your own blurb. You may not reblog or syndicate any of my articles or other work without permission and I rarely, if ever, give permission. Yes, I will find you. Yes, I will tell you to remove it. Yes, it makes me wear my angry eyes like Mr. Potato Head in Toy Story. Yes, it wastes everyone's time. Yes, it has been done A LOT and yes, I will wag my finger at you for doing it. You don't want a teacher to have to give you "the look" and wag her finger at you for misbehaving. So behave in class and don't steal my article. (Yes, it is stealing and it's not nice.) 

When I see my articles stolen from my site and on someone else's website or blog, it is heart wrenching and it feels like a violation. I don't understand why people do it. Educators even. School administrators. Principals and business owners have done it to me, too. It makes me cry. It makes other authors cry, too. It doesn't make you look cool and you can get sued for it. It is so not worth it and it's just an icky thing to do. Write your own blogs!  Or just don't blog. Or... get permission, but not from me, because 99.9% of the time I say no. My babies live at home with me. 

DO NOT copy my photos and use them without permission. 

SCHOOL ADMINISTRATORS and TEACHERS, etc., thank you for sharing my writing with your students and their families! Please be sure you share the LINK to the articles on my site and ONLY THE LINK. Do NOT copy and paste my articles onto your own website, school wide emails, or other correspondence. if you are unsure how to share my content with your students and their families and follow copyright laws correctly, feel free to contact me here so I can help you. 

Heather Anne

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