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Oh Those Exasperating, Precious, Fleeting, Hilarious Days!

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

I'm sitting on my back patio having afternoon tea and journaling. New people moved in to the house behind us but we haven't met them yet. They have little boys who are probably rambunctious from being in isolation while our state is shut down due to the shelter in place order from COVID -19 coronavirus.

My house is completely silent. Teens are sleeping in and relaxing in their rooms. I've had perfect peace today. These poor parents behind me are not getting a bit of peace and silence. Not one bit!

The poor dad is trying his hardest to entertain the boys and the boys just keep getting into mischief! I'm on my quiet relaxing patio just cracking up remembering those days when they were little. This is what I hear.

"Put the hose down! Stop squirting your brother! Stop squirting me! You're getting everything wet! Point it at the pool! Not the house! The pool! There. Yes, that pool... wait...No, no, no! Not the house!"

Boys calm down for a bit and they're playing. Then out comes the hose again. The dad is trying to stay calm and finally he can't take it anymore and I hear, "Go in the house for 10 minutes. Just 10 minutes. 10 minutes. I need 10 minutes."

Boy: "But I didn't do nuffin wong. I did nuffin!"

Other boy: "Yeah I did nothin neither!"

Dad trying to keep his cool: "Just 10 minutes. Ten. Minutes."

It's quiet for a bit and then I hear him yelling, "Not the hammers!"

Wife comes out asking what's going on.

Dad tells her, "They got hammers! This one is fine. It's a toy...but this one... this one is using a REAL hammer and he's busting that apart!" I'm not sure what "that" was but it wasn't supposed to be destroyed with a hammer today, I gather.

A bit of chaos ensues and the mom shuffles the kids inside. They have all retreated and it is silent again.

I sure hope they got them down for a nap!

My kids grew up in this house and I remember those fun and crazy days so fondly. Above ground pool. Mud. Water all over. Getting hold of a hammer. Yes mine did it, too! Paint messes. Messes from making slime. Getting into baby powdah. My daughter called it "powdah."

These are precious days. Exasperating at times. Hilarious at times. Definitely fleeting. Definitely precious.

Going back to my journaling and another cup of tea. Adding in a prayer for my neighbors! After this coronavirus business is over, I'm going to bring them cookies!

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