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Personalized License Plates on Disneyland's Autopia Ride

Updated: Apr 10, 2020

I can spend an entire day at Disneyland and not go on very many rides because there is so much to notice everywhere you look. After sixteen years as an annual passholder, I still notice new things all the time.

I never paid much attention to the license plates on the Autopia cars until recently when I saw one that said "Gurr133" on it. I had recently met Bob Gurr, the designer of the Autopia cars (and most other ride vehicles in Disneyland attractions), at a Disneyana convention, so I guess his name was conveniently parked at the front of my brain.

Here I am with Bob Gurr at the Disneyana convention!

I was stuck in a long line at the end of the ride, so I asked the Cast Member (Disney geeks call them CM's for short) about the license plates. He was kind enough to walk along with me as I tried not to bump the car ahead of me and explain the plates I saw as I passed them. (See the warning not to bump?)

Here are some of the license plates I found on Autopia and explanations of what they mean, to the best of my ability. I also included some that I either have no clue what they mean or I can only figure out part of the meaning. Feel free to guess in the comments!

Funny enough, neither I nor anyone in my Disney Facebook group were able to figure out what the 133 means on Bob Gurr's plate, but considering his monumental influence on Disneyland, we guessed it is probably the number of attraction elements he designed for the park.

Bambi was released in 1942.

Mickey Mouse was created in 1928.

Some of the Autopia license plates seem to be car related, like this one that says Move. If you think it's a Disney reference, let me know in the comments. Maybe the People Mover?

Space Mountain opened in 1977. I was around 8 years old then and I will never forget the exhilarating feeling of whooshing around in space!

Epcot opened at Walt Disney World in 1982.

This one is a nod to the Rocket Jets, which operated from 1967 to 1997, but I cannot figure out what the 009 means. Any ideas?

I'm guessing this one is McDonald's. The McDonald's corporation had a long standing history with Disneyland. The meaning of the numbers is eluding me.

Jungle Cruise! One of my favorite attractions. No clue what 067 means!

Walt Disney World opened in 1971. Walt Disney was never able to see his dream come true in Florida.

I can't figure this one out and neither could anyone I asked. I know when I find out what it means it's going to be something obvious and I will clap my hand to my forehead.

Next time you ride Autopia, have fun trying to figure out the license plates. Check out other vehicles in the parks with license plates, too. You might just find some fun surprises!

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